Kris Wong is a creative problem solver, working across advertising, branding, & product design. He currently works at YouTube as a senior motion designer, applying automation and genAI in video ad templates at the scale of Google.
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Visa wanted to create a spot based off of the idea of the authenticity of a hand drawn signature. We created a world of loosely drawn lines that weaved in and out of moments defined by their didactic script.

We used a combination of 3D animation and cel animation. We built the entire camera move in 3d, and constantly refined the animation based on the timing of the cel animation. Most of the type was done as static cell animation, and we projected them on cards in Maya so they moved with the camera. 3D animation will always have a certain look, but when we start combining other forms of media and animation into the pipeline, it becomes something more authentic.

Creative Director
Mike Calvert

Art Director
Kris Wong

Matt Olmon

3D Modeling
Derrick Sesson
Ryan Kirkwood

3D Animation
& Effects

Max Keane
Ryan Kirkwood
Emil Nilsson

Andrew Tan
Ed Laag
Sakona Kong
Waka Ichinose
Maithy Tran
Andy Bernet
Freda Lau

Cel Animation
Taik Lee
Paige Moore
Brian Covalt
Nancy Parczyk
Will Cuna

Max Forward

Chris Moore

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