Kris Wong
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Work Status: Currently full-time at Google. 

With over 10 years of experience as a designer, art director, 
creative director in post-production, advertising, and branding industries, Kris has comprehensive experience working with a wide range of talented artists, strategists, engineers, and clients.

He has worked as Motion Director at COLLINS SF, where he led the motion strategy for the Exploratorium, Bose, and Mailchimp. During that time, COLLINS was named Design Agency of the year by AdAge.

With 4 years of art direction experience at post-production company Brand New School, Kris has directed a wide range commercials for live action, stop motion, 3D animation, and more. He has led teams of designers, animators, editors, and artists for national campaigns like Ford, Intel, Nasdaq OMX, Whole Foods, and Visa to name a few.

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