Kris Wong is a creative problem solver, working across advertising, branding, & product design. He currently works at YouTube as a senior motion designer, applying automation and genAI in video ad templates at the scale of Google.
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This spot aired on multiple screens in Times Square just before the ball drop on New Years Eve. I worked on the production design for the astronaut and alien sequence in Times Square. Oreo has had a wonder-filled campaign of whimsical, heartfelt illustration. It was great to be a part of it and see it alive in the heart of NYC.

Production Company
Brand New School

Exec. Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner
Devin Brook

Creative Director
Dennis Go
Art Director
Kris Wong

Mike Calvert
Claire Kho
Serge Kirsanov
Audrey Lee
Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Aleks Sennwald
JJ Walker
Joung Soo Kim

CG Supervisor
Russ Wootton

3D Animation
Roger An
Kyle Anderson
Ohad Bracha
Daniel Bradham
Jeff Bryson
Jon Burke
Jaime Castaneda
Scott Denton
Tyler Heckman
Atsuki Hirose
Tyler Hurd
Young Lee

3D Lighting
Iggy Ayastaran
Joseph Ibrahim
Eric Lane

2D Animation
Jeff Bryson
Peter Harp
Vivian Kim
Stieg Retlin
Adam Tanner

Storyboard Artists
Eric Cherry
Jeff Billson
Peter Harp

Wendy Gardner

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