Kris Wong is a creative problem solver, working across advertising, branding, & product design. He currently works at YouTube as a senior motion designer, applying automation and genAI in video ad templates at the scale of Google.
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Is it a laptop that's a tablet? or a tablet that's a laptop? That was the main focus of the Intel Ultrabook Convertible. Meanwhile iPads were being iPads and Macbooks were just macbooks. We worked closely with Razorfish to develop a spot which showcased the different transformations of each of their convertible products. Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Toshiba each have a different transformation, but we ended up showcasing three. We also developed a sort of holographic look of their 'Die-namic', which is what intel calls it's colorfully branded circuit board graphic, which is seen everywhere. Much time was spent getting the look of the holographic screens and pulsing floor dienamic perfectly animated until it felt like an extension of their current Intel branding.

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Art Director
Kris Wong

VFX Supervisor
Marco Maldonado

Kris Wong,
Andy Bernett,
Sakona Kong Wakako Ichinose

2D Animation
Scott Uyeshima
Maithy Tran

3D Modeling
Robin Kim
Zachary Goodson
Patrick Orey Spear
Donnie Permedi
3D Lighting
Robert Kim
Ryan Kirkwood

3D Animation/Composting
Tim Hayward
Robin Kim

Flame Artist
Blake Huber

Managing Director
Danny Rosenbloom
Executive Producer
Jason Cohon

Head of Production
Josh Wakefield

Madison Brigode

Production Coordinator
Jessica Knowles

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