Kris Wong is a creative problem solver, working across advertising, branding, & product design. He currently works at YouTube as a senior motion designer, applying automation and genAI in video ad templates at the scale of Google.
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Halls XS is not released in the American market yet, but in the UK, its all over the place. Halls is known for being more of a mint than a lozenge, and in this case they wanted to create something super flossy, cool, and fast-paced to appeal to a younger, more trendy audience.

They wanted to focus on their very slick packaging, which was a 3-step "Rip, Push, Pop" process of ingesting. In between the step-by-step method to coolness, and the final refreshing look from the sexy guy at the other end of the nightclub, we animated the package in a way that mimicked the electronic music played over the spot.

Although there was a huge departure from the original motion test, which was much more editorially frenetic and full of energy, we had a lot of fun solving problems to make it more relevant to the client's audience.

JWT London

Production Company
Brand New School

Executive Producer
Devin Brook

Executive Creative Director
Jonathan Notaro

Creative Director
Ben Go
Art Director
Kris Wong

Beth Vogt

CG Supervisor
Dariush Derakhshani

Blake Huber

Motion Test
John Robson
Scott Uyeshima

3D Animation
Dony Permedi

2D Animation
Scott Uyeshima
Tim Kadowaki
Lochlon Johnston

3D Lighting
Ryan Kirkwood
Line Producer
Leigh Goldstone

Director of Photography
Joe Maxwell

Ryan Paevey

Blake Huber

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